N.H. councilor doesn’t want to fund people’s ‘good time’

The train of Planned Parenthood defunding continues to chug along, with New Hampshire being the latest to reject state funding for the family-planning organization.

If you were unsure whether these efforts to defund were about misguided punishment for non-procreation-related sex, then Councilor Raymond Wieczorek unequivocally answered your question in an interview with The Concord Monitor:

“If they want to have a good time, why not let them pay for it?”

This was regarding state funding for contraception use. Wieczorek seems to think that punishing people for enjoying sex is more important than preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections or preventing unplanned pregnancies. Does no one else sense a double meaning in “let them pay for it”? If they want to have a good time, they should have to pay for it monetarily but also pay for it by getting STIs and becoming pregnant? What a sweet sentiment.

Oddly enough, Wieczorek does not oppose funding for STI testing, which to me signals that his disdain for Planned Parenthood is related to non-procreation-sex. Or it might also be premarital sex, and Wieczorek doesn’t realize that married women frequent Planned Parenthood as well. One day, maybe politicians will realize that its mission is mainly to provide affordable healthcare to low-income women, and that it’s not a seedy underground club where teenagers can have orgies in the waiting room.


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2 Responses to “N.H. councilor doesn’t want to fund people’s ‘good time’”

  1. Sungold Says:

    What?? Admittedly, I only availed myself of PP during my early to mid-20s and so may have missed the peak orgy age. But man, I guess I missed out.

    (Seriously, I am appalled at how bad ideas spread from state to state. Truly, this is an instance of a real “social disease.” Great post, and thanks for helping us keep our eye on this constantly moving ball.)

    • cathyjwilson Says:

      A friend of mine also had a great response: “Yes, because a pap smear is a rockin’ good time.”

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