Let them view pictures of cake

My brother recently requested that I blog about cake instead of rape and abortion — I think he’s trying to tell me my blog subject matter is a bit depressing? To that I would say (1) what’s really depressing is that I have so much material to write about in terms of the problems with how society views and deals with sexual assault and reproductive rights, but (2) light-hearted material is needed intermittently to avoid drowning in such heavy topics and being consumed by feelings of hopelessness.

And so, I bring you a blog about cake!

My favorite types of cake

First of all, I’m going to admit that I prefer cupcakes to cake. There are cake people and cupcake people, and I’m definitely a cupcake person. That’s partly because I like simple cake flavors, and it’s more difficult to put weird mousse and fruit filling in cupcakes, and partly because cupcakes are so easy to eat and carry around. But this doesn’t mean I will turn down a slice of chocolate cake if someone offers it.

1. Angel food cake with strawberries

I don’t think I’d say this is my favorite type of cake because it is in a category all its own. No frosting (or whipped cream or Cool Whip or whatever weird topping most people like to put on strawberries), just delicious fluffy, light cake with a nice pile of strawberries on top. I probably like this so much because I love strawberries, and the angel food cake offers a different flavor and texture but doesn’t overshadow the strawberries. I also like pound cake and strawberries, but pound cake is pretty heavy in comparison to angel food cake so you can’t eat as much of it.

2. Pepperidge Farm Three-Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake

Now this is a cake. I’m not one for really, really chocolatey desserts (which makes my mom frustrated and wondering if I’m really related to her genetically), but something about this cake always makes me want to eat the entire thing. Layers of chocolate cake with thin layers of a chocolate mousse-type filling (but seemingly denser than chocolate mousse would be) … this cake is just plain delicious. If we were eating cake at any time in my childhood and it wasn’t someone’s birthday, we were eating this Pepperidge Farm cake — maybe that adds to why I like it so much.

3. Red Velvet Cupcakes

I only recently got into red velvet cake, and I think cupcakes are much better for red velvet than a huge sheet cake because the cake is a little sweeter and the frosting is a little tangy (usually cream cheese), so smaller cupcake-sized doses are better than huge slices. Plus their color is so vibrant!

4. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

My favorite simple, sheet cake combination is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I’m picky when it comes to desserts, so I don’t like cakes that have nuts, fruit filling, peanut butter … most of the things normal people think are delicious. But regardless of all the toppings and extras that people enjoy on cake, everyone has a simple cake flavor/icing combo that always hits the spot.

Cakes that look cool and/or reflect my favorite things

1. Margarita cake

If you’d like to get me an ideal birthday cake, use this cake as a blueprint and replace “Amy” with “Cathy.” This cake not only is colorful, but it comes with chips and salsa and an actual margarita! Some margarita cakes had margaritas with frosting posing as the margarita inside the glass, but that’s pretty gross — how can you drink a glass full of frosting or a fondant marg? It’s ingenious to instead to have an actual margarita, so the birthday person can enjoy a nice drink with their cake. Make mine a frozen margarita, please.

2. Cat cake











Come on now, I love cakes that not only look like cats, but look like my cats! This cake looks pretty sizable and well-carved out to match the shape of an actual cat (aka impressive). I don’t think I’d want to eat it — I’d rather find a way to preserve it and put it with all my other cat memorabilia.

3. Grilled cheese sandwich cake

I love grilled cheese sandwiches (note the header of this blog). I wish this cake had something sitting next to it to better illustrate how big it is proportionate to a magazine or a person. I also enjoyed googling pictures of cake made to look like pizza, but this grilled cheese cake was more impressive than any of the pizza cake pictures I found (though a lot of them were really cool-looking, too).

4. iCakes











I spend way too much time with my laptop, and a lesser but still probably unhealthy amount of time with my iPhone. These iPhone icon cupcakes are spot on, and this Macbook cake looks awesome. Unfortunately, both are covered in gross fondant, but it’s hard to make cakes that mimic real-life objects without using the fondant.


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