This cat video will cheer you up

In accordance with my decision to intersperse my blogs with some light-hearted material (most likely cat pictures and videos), please enjoy this video of a cat hugging her sleeping, twitching kitten:

Your brain will explode into little pieces of cuteness right about … NOW!


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4 Responses to “This cat video will cheer you up”

  1. Sungold Says:

    (picking up the fragements of cuteness that used to be my brain)

    All blogs should have cute cats, IMO. Except for people like Pamela Gellar, who should post Darth Vader pictures periodically.

    My problems is I’m only coming up with cats lately, and not even many of them! Am hoping to resume more regular blogging once the quarter ends. In the meantime, I’m enjoying your posts whenever I get a chance to catch up on my reading.

    • cathyjwilson Says:

      Glad to hear it (that you’re enjoying the posts, not that your brain exploded from the cuteness)! And I completely agree about the cute cat pictures — I plan to post some of my own cute cats the next time I catch them doing something adorable (e.g. when they aren’t purposefully knocking everything off my kitchen table and shelves or attacking me).

      I enjoy your blog, too, by the way! (I subscribe via my Google Reader.)

  2. Alexis Says:

    Awwww….this is ADORABLE!!! I’m so glad I subscribed (for the serious stuff too, of course!).

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