So it’s not OK to attack DSK, but OK to attack his accusers?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) is innocent until proven guilty, and these are only allegations (not convictions), but I will completely ignore your defense of DSK’s innocence if you complain he is being demonized, and then you proceed to demonize his accusers:

I hold it against all those who complacently accept the account of this other young woman, this one French, who pretends to have been the victim of the same kind of attempted rape, who has shut up for eight years but, sensing the golden opportunity, whips out her old dossier and comes to flog it on television.

Bernard-Henri Levy says people don’t know his friend and they have it wrong — so how exactly does Levy have it right when it comes to characterizing this accuser, who I assume is a stranger to him? He’s not just questioning her story, but directly saying she is pretending and making it up for attention. No one can take your request not to preemptively attack DSK seriously when you are simultaneously preemptively attacking his accusers.


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