Va. governor’s message/method on abortion/sex ed don’t jive

Here’s what I don’t understand: an amendment to a piece of legislation that both would restrict abortion access and likely increase the amount of unplanned pregnancies.Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell added an amendment to HB 2434 that would prohibit the proposed state health insurance exchanges from covering the costs of abortions, while also restoring $1 million for abstinence-only sex education funding.

I don’t understand why the pro-life/anti-choice crowd doesn’t embrace comprehensive sex education, as research shows that increased understanding of how to properly use contraception has lowered abortion rates. It is beyond frustrating that people continue to push a form of sex education that doesn’t actually educate young people about sex at all, instead of supporting a sex ed program that would teach about contraception and would lower the number of unintended pregnancies, and consequently lower the number of abortions. The governor’s trying to send the message that he doesn’t approve of abortion, yet he continues to pour funding into a method of sex ed that doesn’t most effectively reduce abortion rates.

If you live in Virginia, click here to send a message to your senator asking him or her to oppose these amendments.



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