‘Real World’-er says roommate’s outfit will get her raped

Last night was the season premiere of Real World: New Orleans (the second time around), and this season is shaping up to be full of controversy all thanks to Ryan. Ryan is a codependent, homophobic, hypersensitive guy who puts his foot in his mouth like it’s his job.

Aside from thinking a gay man’s kiss was going to turn him gay, calling a fellow roommate trailer trash (probably only because she has a southern accent), and stalking McKenzie around the bar while simultaneously getting upset that she was talking to other guys and drinking, he also had a problem with Jemmye’s outfit:

Is that what you wear? Girl, you’re going to get raped out here. That’s like asking like, hey, please, stuff me in a couch and gorilla f-ck me.

My initial response was, “she isn’t even wearing anything that bad,” and then I remembered, “Hey, the clothes you wear don’t invite sexual assault no matter what.” Someone should tell Ryan that many studies show that clothing has no effect on the likelihood of being raped.

And, as always, a comment like that suggests that (A) the woman has all the agency in preventing sexual assault, (B) sexual assault is invited if you wear certain clothes, and (C) not only do short skirts imply you want to have sex, but you want to have rough, “gorilla” sex.

I wish Jemmye’s response had been more confrontational and she would have, to his face, told him how inappropriate and misguided his comments were. But, as we see later in the show, even confronting Ryan about how offensive his homophobic comments were led to no resolution and more fighting. But hey, at least Ryan was called out on it.

And it’s also a reminder that many people use the term “rape” very casually, although Ryan was extra forceful with his use of “gorilla f-ck.” I’ve seen it a lot lately in Hollywood, from Kristen Stewart to Mel Gibson (who is such a douche), and in every day life. But it’s not a casual or funny word to be throwing around.

What does Ryan teach us? That you should (1) not laugh off rape comments, (2) confront someone who makes a rape comment, (3) not make rape comments, and (4) stop perpetuating the idea that a woman’s clothing will cause a man to rape her — it’s a myth (a false one) that puts the blame on the woman and its completely insensitive, sexist, rude, and disgusting.

Can’t wait to hear what else Ryan has to say this season!


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