I’ll take ‘Potpourri’ for $600, Alex

My brain is fried, but there are plenty of other people’s brains that are not fried — specifically when it comes to gun control and domestic abusers, Yucca mountain, and reel lawn mowers.

1. Gun Proponents Take Aim at Domestic Violence Survivors, via Feministe

This is a great post by Jill, who puts into words better than I could why convicted domestic abusers shouldn’t have guns:

We know that domestic abusers tend to be repeatedly violent — beating up your partner is rarely a one-time thing. We know that domestic abusers tend to get increasingly violent. We know that women are killed by their abusers at horrifying rates, and are often killed by guns.

Yeah, not sure why people deserve to have guns when they have a propensity for violence toward other people.

2. Administration Cannot Drop Bid for Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada, via The New York Times

The Obama administration did a great thing when it stopped pursuing Yucca mountain in Nevada as a dumping site for nuclear waste — except now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is saying the government can’t withdraw its petition for Yucca.

This means millions of dollars to continue with the application, which (1) the government never expected to have to pay and (2) the government really doesn’t have to pay considering an expanding federal deficit and a lot of criticism for excessive spending.

The decision can still be reversed, which I hope will happen — I’m sure the government is hoping that, too.

3. An ode to my new push reel lawn mower, via Grist

Shout out to zero energy alternatives to fossil-fuel-guzzling equipment/vehicles — if I had a yard, I would totally go for a reel lawn mower. You push the mower, the grass is cut, no gasoline needed. One of the best parts of Lisa Hymas’s review of the reel lawn mower was how it enhanced the lawn-mowing experience:

I loved it right from the start.  Easy to push.  No fuss, no muss, no fumes.  It’s so deliciously quiet that I can listen to chirping birds and chatty neighbors while mowing — or my iPod.

You can actually be outside and enjoy the outdoors.


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