I’ll take ‘Hodge Podge’ for $1200, Alex

Some of today’s news: drug busts on the Deadliest Catch, a typo and the stock market drop, journalism and anonymous sources, adopted children who are rejected, Sarah Jessica Parker’s hands, and someone who wants to argue that feminism and family are mutually exclusive.

1. Deadliest Catch Employee Trapped in Giant Drug Sting, per Gawker

A production manager on the Discovery channel show The Deadliest Catch who was arrested in part of a larger drug bust concerning a fishing center in Alaska. So tragic — I thought they just wanted to get some Alaskan king crab but apparently smuggling marijuana, cocaine, Oxycontin, and methamphetemines is another lucrative trade in which they partake.

The production manager is implying that the show parties hard:

Schneider is accused of selling $300 worth of cocaine to an undercover cop but was recorded saying that his boss on the Discovery show imports staggering quantities of blow for Deadliest Catch parties up north.

2.  How a Typo Crashed the Market, per The Daily Beast

Everyone is blaming Greece’s fragile economy on the record plummet of the Dow yesterday, but another possibility — that someone accidentally hit the wrong computer key — is growing more likely as the reason for the fall:

No, that responsibility falls on the fat finger, or more likely, a series of fat fingers, including one trader—believed to be from Citigroup—who apparently tried to sell $15 billion worth of stock futures, rather than $15 million.

This blip caused a domino effect which, to be honest, I don’t understand because I don’t know a lot about the stock market, but as a copy editor and someone who knows simple math I can tell you that there is a big difference between million and billion.

3. U.S. Subpoenas Times Reporter Over Book on C.I.A., per The New York Times

This happened last week, but the journalist in me has to bring it up. James Risen, a Times reporter, has been subpeonaed to give up his sources about a chapter about the C.I.A. and Iran from his book about the C.I.A. during the Bush administration. Of course, if he doesn’t tell, then he goes to jail, which is Judith Miller all over again and brings up the issue again of reporters not naming anonymous sources.

4. Who Adopts a Rejected Kid?, per The Daily Beast

In response to the U.S. woman who shipped her Russian-born adopted child back to Russia because he was too much to handle, this article details what happens when people can’t handle their adopted children. More importantly, it addresses the romantic notion of adoption versus the reality:

Sterkel’s manner is blunt, which allows her to really help the families that reach out to her. She says, for example, that one problem leading to disrupted adoptions is that “many times, parents have stars in their eyes. They believe that love will heal and overcome all. We believe when we adopt a child that love heals. But you cannot love away a child’s genetic foundation, his pre-verbal memories or his intrauterine exposure to alcohol. These are facts. You have to stop being silly about this. You can’t love that stuff away.”

5. Photoshop of Horrors: Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Hands, per Jezebel

Sarah Jessica Parker, like Madonna, is known for having some old, wrinkly hands. On the cover of Marie Claire, her hands are photoshopped to the youth and smoothness of, as the original author put it, a “babydoll.” It takes photoshop to the extreme:


Image from Jezebel: Magazine cover, plus a side-by-side of the photoshopped hand with her actual hand.

6. The Worst Article on Feminism, Ever?, from Feministing

Jessica Valenti points out an article that, in essence, claims that feminist concerns (abortion, equal pay, sexual assault) have been replaced with family concerns such as nutrition, birthing, and school systems. Valenti not only addresses the author’s assumption that you either have abortions or have children, but also that the entire article frames feminism in the scope of issues that really only affect affluent white women:

You know, if you want to write an article about the cult of celebrity mommyhood in the press, fine, go for it. But write that article. Don’t make stuff up and pretend that you know shit about feminism so that you can pat yourself on the back for writing a ridiculous “trend” piece – especially when it’s something that only serves to hurt, not help, women.


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  1. clvngodess Says:

    SJP’s right hip/thigh is wrong too.

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