I’ll take ‘Potpourri’ for $200, Alex

More weight-bashing, the trouble with being opinionated and trying to find a date, and a feather duster taped to a space heater.

1. Enough About Sidibe’s Weight, Already, from Jezebel

Everyone is obsessed with Gabourey Sidibe’s weight — and this time around, fashionistas are hurling awful insults about her Oscar dress and why she would never make the pages of Vogue. I like Irin’s retort:

[Anna] Wintour has a type — Sienna Miller owns her entire non-Jude Law-related career to Wintour’s affections — and for more than one reason Sidibe is not that type. We have obviously wished aloud often enough that it weren’t so. But who said Sidibe even wants to be in Vogue?

I like this last part best — Vogue lovers publicly announce she isn’t allowed in the club, yet who said it’s a club that Gabby even wants to be in? Does she really want to be in a magazine whose readers obviously don’t like her body figure? Or do they want to spin it as Vogue dissing Gabby before Gabby can diss Vogue?

2. Dating While Feminist, from Feministe

This post rings true not just for feminists, but for anyone who is passionate about their personal beliefs — dating is a field of landmines when you hold strong opinions and beliefs, and it’s tough to figure out how or when to compromise. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, do you wait for the perfect person who fits your every quality politically, religiously, etc., or do you make some compromises?

Political ideology and things of the like aren’t favorite bands or movie genres — Jill puts it best:

Any relationship requires compromise and flexibility, sure; but how and where to compromise on the feminism thing is particularly difficult because we aren’t talking about a political issue here, we’re talking about a way of seeing the world.

3. Whoops: Energy Star approves gas-powered alarm clock, from Grist

Um, oops? Energy Star is highly regarded when it comes to approving items for energy efficiency, but when government auditors tried to trick them by submitting bogus items for approval, they failed pretty miserably. Not only did a gas-powered alarm clock pass, but an electric heater with a feather duster taped to it also passed.

I don’t know how you look at a space heater, with feather duster taped, and think, “Ah, yes, genius, I see exactly how this is efficient!” but it’s unacceptable. Energy Star is supposed to be and needs to be a credible seal of approval, and it’s kind of frightening how obviously ridiculous items got approved.


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