I’ll take ‘Potpourri’ for $600, Alex

Guys talk about why rape is “a misunderstanding,” Republicans talk about threats to their lives, iPhone has an innovative new app, and someone thought it was a good idea to make a bra with nipples:

1. Why Rape Isn’t One Big Misunderstanding, from the Washington City Paper (via Feministe)

This is a really informative article that focuses on a study done in Australia, where a group of guys were interviewed and asked about their views on women, sex, communication and rape. At first, the guys admit that they use body language to let women know they aren’t interested, and women do the same. Then the moderator mentioned rape:

Once the idea of rape is raised, these men claim ignorance of understanding when a woman is refusing sex, and go on to say that even when a woman explicitly says “no,” she can be making a victim of the perpetrator.

The men say that guys aren’t “subtle” beings, they need concrete answers, girls are flirtatious and if they want to go to the bedroom, doesn’t that mean they want to have sex? (Or maybe they just don’t want to make out or take part in some heavy petting with a bunch of people watching.) I think the report highlights how important it is to ask someone what their boundaries are, and it highlights how intuitive we are with respect to body language.

2. Eric Cantor Says Bullet Shot Through His Office Window This Week, from CBS News

And he is also claiming that Democrats are taking advantage of violent threats, but that’s another story. I think it’s important to note that everyone is going a little out of control — bricks through windows, gunshots through windows, etc. Republicans, Democrats, everyone — although Sen. Lindsay Graham says that threats are normal in his Congressional office, I don’t think violent acts of this magnitude are.

And, it’s obvious that they center around health care reform, which still leaves me begging the question, why is health care reform making everyone act so irrationally and violently?

3. iPhone app to sidestep aT&T, from The New York Times (via Slate)

The iPhone app “Line2” seems to be revolutionizing the cell phone world — it’s a $1 app that gives your iPhone a second phone line, connects to WiFi when available so you make Internet calls that don’t use minutes, and can turn an iPod touch into a cell phone because of the Internet call capability. Service is $15 per month, but the tech writer at NY Times seems pretty excited about it:

[WiFi calling is] a game-changer. Where, after all, is cellphone reception generally the worst? Right — indoors. In your house or your office building, precisely where you have Wi-Fi. Line2 in Wi-Fi means rock-solid, confident reception indoors.

Sigh … the interal struggle between buying a really cool iPhone or staying pissed that people can steal iPhones and activate them without a problem (but changing your account is like trying to get into a bank vault). Also, he notes that the Internet makes everything free — first it kills newspapers, now the phone industry.

4. Give Your Nipples That “Sensual Cold-Weather Look”, from Jezebel

I … don’t understand the point (no pun intended). It’s a bra with added nipples, so it looks like you aren’t wearing a bra but in fact, you are. Why not just skip the product entirely — save some money and not wear a bra in the first place? Or just start wearing one of those really thin, satin-y bras that offer no nip concealment whatsoever?

It’s like a twisted sexual revolution in which women express their artifically-made symbols of femininity while still making sure their breasts are perky and perfectly shaped according to societal standards. So counter-productive …


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