Vegans, hegans, shegans, shenanigans …

Seriously, just read this post from Jezebel. Anna says it best when she says that coining a man-specific term for veganism — “heganism” — is ridiculous, and it unnecessary exemplifies when a man does something that people in general have been doing for years. I get that a stereotypical mark of a man is eating meat, but the gender-identifying noun is excessive.

The “he-ifying” of things that are weird and weak-minded when women do them — until men start doing them — could be endless:

Surely heganism will soon be replaced by hedonism, hecession by heconomic hecovery, while the only rational response remains a colossal he-addesk.

It’s also interesting from a language perspective, as changing root words for cleverness points distorts their meaning — vegan comes from vegetable, so what does “hegan” come from … someone who eats “he?” It reminds me of a comment I saw on a story about “femivores” — femivores are feminists who eat locally and cook food from scratch. But if you look at herbivore (herbi- = eats plants), carnivore (carni- = eats meat), or even locavore (loca- = eats locally), then femivore = someone who eats women, or eats in a feminine way?


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