When a progressive mind meets a brick wall

I really enjoyed reading this guest post on Feministing. The author — Conner Spinks — discusses the problems she has with feminism, and how people who seem so progressive in understanding and fighting one type of inequality seem ignorant or oblivious to other kinds of inequalities.

Her personal anecdotes are shocking and very illustrative. They remind me of when I hear someone who is really progressive use words like “retarded” or “gay” as insults — it boggles my mind. I think, “You seem so forward-thinking, respectful, conscientious, intelligent — and then you do something like that? How disappointing.”

Conner sums it up better than I can (Go read her post. Right now!), but it’s a good reminder that we aren’t defined by one specific trait or experience, and there are multiple forms of discrimination that we need to face and realize intersect with each other. People are obsessed with categories, binaries, and one-word answers — sometimes things overlap and are complex.

We can’t spend too much time in our own heads, in our own worlds, unaware of the world that exists outside our mind and experiences.


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