Climate change is not a crutch

I hate when people who aim to discredit climate change try to simultaneously discredit environmentalism as a whole. I mean, if you can’t prove climate change is caused by humans, then how can anyone trust environmentalists on all their other claims?

Thanks to “climategate” — last November when someone hacked into a climate change research center’s files and found e-mails between climate scientists, some who suggest excluding any views contradictory to manmade climate change from scientific publications — people who have had a problem with environmental regulations and environmentalism are sitting back and rejoicing. After all, if the science is being skewed now, who’s to say it hasn’t always been skewed?

My problem is that climate change is not the crutch of the environmental movement. It’s the most publicized, scruntinized and debated topic in the environmental realm right now, but I hate the idea of anti-environmentalists sitting back and acting smug because they think they’ve really socked it to the tree huggers.

My blog series is called “Climate change is not a crutch,” because I want to show people that I can still provide 50 broad environmental concerns that need to be addressed without a single mention of climate change. And the science isn’t as disputed or controversial as climate change, because — for instance — it’s just scientific fact that too much mercury is poisonous, however there are lots of ways it gets into our environment and our bodies that need to be remedied.

I have a list of 50 broad environmental problems that need to be addressed, and I won’t once mention climate change or global warming when it comes to why it needs to be solved or what will happen if it doesn’t get addressed. I feel like certain people are saying, “Good luck fighting the environmental fight without your precious climate change/global warming argument,” and I want to tell those critics/skeptics/anti-environmentalists: “There are so many environmental problems that I can talk all day about it without even mentioning climate change.”

Each blog will address a certain environmental concern, the environmental harm it causes, a little history and some possible solutions and ways that people can help solve the problem.


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One Response to “Climate change is not a crutch”

  1. sanityinjection Says:

    In fact, all of the attention paid to climate change has detracted from efforts to solve *real* environmental problems. If you take a good look at the demographics of the global warming hysteria movement, you don’t find that many broad-based environmentalists as you do anti-capitalist hippies and hard Left radical politicians.

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